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Mastering the art of Kibbeh

the most popular Eastern-Mediterranean

stuffed appetizer and main course

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Natural & healthy ingredients with no additives or preservatives


Easy & quick

to prepare with many cooking options


Flexible packaging  for sustainability, product quality & convenience


What is it ?

Kibbeh is a shell with a filling typically prepared with lamb or beef, onions, spices and bulgur. 


Bulgur is prepared using thousands of years old simple method by boiling, drying and cracking whole wheat, that's about it !

It is considered to be the oldest known to human semi processed grain.

Kibbeh is usually served as an appetizer or main course and comes in various forms.

Kibbeh is the most popular dish that originated from the Eastern Mediterranean region then spread across the Middle East and travelled all the way to Latin America were it is called Kibe.

Kibbeh, What is it
Our Kibbeh

Enjoy our awesome kibbeh flavours anytime

at home, office, gatherings, game nights, parties & more

Easy cooking options

to suit your lifestyle

Pan fry

5-6 minutes

Air Fry

12-17 minutes

Deep Fry

Deep Fry

5-6 minutes


1-2 minutes


12-16 minutes

Natural Ingredients Kibbeh.png

Natural ingredients are at the heart of everything we do at KabKeb to bring you great-tasting meal options. When it comes to our ingredient list, we include only what's needed; real food names you can actually pronounce.

Our Story
Nader Hallal - KabKeb Founder.jpeg

Our story

An inspiring entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry and a passion for simple, tasteful food. Nader Hallal combined his mother‘s original kibbeh recipes with techniques he learned from master chefs to create KabKeb - Kibbeh Creations.


“I am going to KabKeb kibbeh today” a phrase I heard over and over from my mom. A phrase that reminds me of home, family and gathering around the dining table to enjoy mom's kibbeh creations. Hence the name KabKeb, is a constant reminder to always make Kibbeh the way my mom used to.

My Mom's Recipe

Our Values

The name KabKeb comes from the action of forming the unique shape of Kibbeh by hand. It refers to the experience and patience required to craft Kibbeh and the values that create cherished moments when a family gathers to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal.

The brand KabKeb proudly stands by these wholesome values for today's hard-working Canadian families. We aim to satisfy customers seeking premium, tasty meals made with simple, real food ingredients.

Our Difference  ​

At Kabkeb we crafted the worlds first low calories kibbeh with a crispy shell and juicy filling and the first to use only extra virgin olive oil and naturally evaporated sea salt. 

Kabkeb Kibbeh can be paired with salads like Tabouleh, Fattoush, Greek salad and dips like Tzatziki, Hummus, Baba Ganoush and many other side dishes, making it a very versatile dish for all times and occasions.


“I believe the minimum requirement of any successful food brand is good quality. KabKeb has exceeded my expectations, as it is very difficult to manipulate an original recipe and get it right, but that’s exactly what has been achieved here! Nader provides exceptional customer service, and has managed to revolutionize the traditional Kibbeh, and successfully introduce it to a vegan market. This is true brilliance!"

Maro Alchammas 

Founder & Owner

Maro's Bistro

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